AT THE PELZER (Jan. 20th 2017)
Many Liège amateurs have gathered in the friendly room of the Jacques Pelzer Jazz Club to hear a trio formula devoted to classical the blues between 1920 and 1950. The room was full, so that some persons did not find any place (sorry for my wife’s colleagues of the Clinique André Renard of Herstal). The concert was organized in memory of Jean-Pierre Urbain, great connoisseur of the blues and my friend for more than thirty years, who played such an important role my involvement into music.…


The day starts by a visit to the extraordinary collection of guitars, basses, frying pans at amps brought together by Luc Henzig. Hundreds of instruments chosen for the way they illustrate the development of a manufacture (Gibson, Fender, etc.), but also because many of them have belonged to renowned artists. Technics and spirit: living encyclopaedia of guitar, Luc mastered the art of the distinguished amateur of blues and rock, who knows to strike your sensitive cord at the steady  rhythm of memories. Do you want to see the Les Paul given by BB King to Clapton, who gave it to Peter Green, who gave it to Duster Bennett (you see it on one of his albums), from whom it fell into the friendly hands of Top Topham... You may hold it, play it if you want, if you are not too nervous. Bob Margolin's Telecaster, lent to so many friends for a jam with Muddy: Luc got it…


Ferre Grignard has given in 1966, on Philips (Netherlands and France) a single record with Drunken Sailor and Hash Bamboo Shuffle 1702. The songs were included in 1968 in the wonderful LP entitled Ferre Grignard, where Drunken Sailor got the first place.
A good article in the English Wikipedia tells that the song, which “is believed to originate in the early 19th century”, “was revived as a popular song among non-sailors in the 20th century, and grew to become one of the best-known songs of the shanty repertoire among mainstream audiences”.  “It has been performed and recorded by many musical artists and appeared in many popular media”. “Although the song's lyrics vary, they usually contain some variant of the question, ‘What shall we do with a drunken sailor, early in the morning?’ In some styles of performance, each successive verse suggests a method of sobering or punishing the drunken sailor”…

On the occasion of Elmore D’s birthday party at the Crossroads Café in Antwerp, in April 2016, the members of the band and other friends were joined by the Cocco Brothers, well known Liège rock guitar players.  They decided to give gigs inspired by the blues of the sixties, especially of British tradition, including favorite songs by Fleetwood Mac - hence the name of the group - John Mayall, Keef Hartley Band, the Animals, the Pretty Things, Blues and Trouble, Duster Bennett and the Mike Vernon’s production on Blue Horizon. They will add what they consider as the best Belgian folk artist of the era, Ferre Grignard. Everything  is revisited in a non-purely-revivalist way but according to our personal humors.
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